Sunday, February 24, 2013


More things I am posting because it’s starkexpos' fault. Here we have various iterations of Transformers. Though I am first and foremost a G1 fan and also kind of into the War for Cybertron stuff, these are Bayformers and Transformers: Animated, both terrible in their own ways but I wasted time and effort doing these for some reason. I also seemed to feature Bumblebee a lot, which is strange because I'm a Decepticon at heart and Autobots suck. I just liked TF:A Bumblebee because he was an annoying jerk.

Here we have:
• Bumblebee and Sam and the Allspark and a mess
• Lugnut, Megatron’s biggest fan
• Bumblebee and Bulkhead
• Bumblebee and Prowl companion pieces (fun fact: All of my TF:A things got THOUSANDS of combined notes on deviantART to the point where I hated everything and put them in storage.)
• Ravage and Starscream speed paintings


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